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Social Media Sites You Should Know About…

Posted by INRA on August 22, 2009

Hello Everyone, I’ve started my new blog, and was thinking for a while as to why I am doing this?, and the answer which came back to me was: “Boss, you like to make friends, you want to build your network, you are in to Social Media Optimization, Hence you should have a platform to discuss your ideas with your friends.” Hmm… 🙂 that was true..So I thought Why not give it a try. So I am here. Now the next thing which strikes me was Where should I began with? Again, my so called intelligent sixth sense answered – boss, what happen to you, you want to build network and what else can be a start then to give your friends a list of sites where they should be to build their own network…Hmmmm…True again…So Friends, Here my first post – Social Media Sites you should know about…

1. Facebook – This site is an excellent way to become engaged with your customers. Start a page and start a conversation.

2. Twitter – Convenient and efficient way to let your fans and customers know what you’re up to.

3. MySpace – This has definitely lost some popularity with the rise of Facebook and Twitter, but still offers a great platform to keep in touch with your customers.

4. LinkedIn – An extremely professional approach to social networking. This is a spectacular way to meet business contacts and to connect with new potential customers.

5. Digg – The most popular news submission site. Submit your blog posts and digg away!

6. Technorati – This is for avid blog readers and blog owners. Favorite great blogs and blog posts and track the reactions to your blog.

7. StumbleUpon – Another news submission and voting platform that can generate traffic to your web site.

8. Reddit – Vote for news pieces and submit your own.

9. YouTube – YouTube is great for video-friendly companies. No one wants to sit around and watch a guy in a suit go on and on about making money at home in monotone, but if you run an entertainment agency or a record label or something fun, there’s always that possibility your videos could go viral!

10. Care2 – For the socially conscious business man or woman. Set up your profile, donate to worthy causes, submit and vote on news pieces, sign petitions and much more.

11. Plaxo – Another very professional approach to social networking. Make new business connections and find new vendors or customers.

12. Mixx – News submission and popularity contest. Recommend what you like.

13. Sphinn – This social news site focuses on search engine marketing and web development. A must if you want to keep on top of SEO strategies.

14. Wikipedia – Create your business’ page and add to other pages. You can also join in the dicussionsin the community portal.

15 Newsvine – Seed links to articles, write your own article and discuss already seeded news items.

16. Yahoo! Answers – a crowd-sourced knowledge web site where users ask questions and answer them while earning points and gaining ranks.

17. – Submit your resume to find a job or find a new employee for your business. Monster is the largest job search engine in the world.

18. FriendFeed – Aggregate the feeds from all of your social networking profiles and show your activity in one place.

19. DeviantART – for artists: showcase your art and connect with others.

20. Flickr – A photo sharing social network.

Seems like too much for my first post, no worries…haven’t finished yet..just finishing this post…or may be creating a sequal…will be back with next set of list soon…

Just Watch this space…


6 Responses to “Social Media Sites You Should Know About…”

  1. Hey…Awesome list man…Thanks for sharing

  2. Pooja said

    nice and informational list…. Thanks n keep sharing…

  3. nexuslab15 said

    Thank you for the post. I am sure the brief description of Social Media Sites would be very useful especially for beginners, serving as a cornerstone for their further success.

  4. forlan said

    Great article . I must save this article and apply the content

  5. Thank very much for article

  6. sushilver said

    Very informative article INRA i like the way and you have describe SMO here display the sites.

    Thank You

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